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Download Civil Services (IAS) Interview Practice Questions 2017-18

Download Civil Services (IAS/PCS) Interview Practice Questions 2017-18

In the beautiful journey of Civil Services Examination, The Interview (Personality Test) is like a climax of an interesting Suspense Thriller movie. The whole process is the Most Important, Interesting and Memorable part.

Download Civil Services (IAS) Interview Practice Questions 2017-18

As you know UPSC Interview questions for the civil service exams ranges from your choice of subject to why you want to join the civil services. It is good to answer honestly but at the same time avoid cliches like wanting to do service to the nation etc.

Questions on your hobbies are imperative so prepare well as they expect some in-depth knowledge on that.

Questions related to your name, your college or school name are also a big possibility. If someone well-known personality shares one of these names prepare on that aspect. Also learn up about important events on the year or date of your birth.

As you may see, Civil Services Interview questions are mainly from what you have filled in your form including your subject but then the test is more of logic and presentation and awareness rather than pure subject knowledge.

In the interview many situational questions can be asked like what will you do if a earthquake or cyclone strikes your district and you are the DM/Collector/SP.

Questions related to your choice of service preference are expected and you must be prepared on that aspect. Current affairs analysis is important area of preparation.

Also, it is the most misunderstood, least prepared for, least guided/misguided and often the most mishandled and mismanaged process. But when rightly handled, it is surely the easiest and the most rewarding experience.

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