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Saturday, 17 February 2018

SSC CGL 2017 Tier-2 Review [17.02.2018] Questions asked in the Exam

SSC CGL 2017 Tier-2 Review [17.02.2018] Questions asked in Exam

We are here with SSC CGL 2017 Tier-2 Review of Maths section. below is the complete review of Maths section.

SSC CGL 2017 Tier-2 Review [17.02.2018] Maths Paper

Exam Date
17 February 2018

Exam Timing

Maths : 10:30 to 12:30
English : 3:15 to 5:15 (PM)

Exam Pattern

Exam duration = 120 minutes (2 Hour).
The Total Number of Questions = 100
The Total Marks for the Exam is: 200
Negative Marking for every wrong answer: -0.50

Cheating and other irregularities: 

No irregularities has been seen in this exam.

Server and Center Management:

Both are quite good than previous years.

Maths (Quantitative Aptitude) 

REVIEW of Maths Paper SSC CGL 2017 Tier-2:

Maths paper was Moderate in nature. 
Questions of Advance maths was slighter new so that it seems to be tough.
Trigonometry Questions were a bit tricky and time- consuming.
Arithmetcs questions were easier than Advanced Maths portion.
DI on Tabular Chart Graph is very Calculative.

Questions Asked in Maths Paper SSC CGL 2017 Tier-2:

  1. A certain amount is divided into 3 people. X gets 2/7 of what Y gets and Y gets 4/9 of what Z gets.. then by how much amount more Z gets than A
  2. What is the rate of interest if the Simple interest is 8000 and the compound interest is 8164.. for two years.
  3. What is the number of months which amounts to Rs___ compounded semi annually at the rate of 20%
  4. If the ratio of curved surface area and total surface area of a cylinder is 2:1.. then find out the volume of the cylinder
  5. Find the number divisible by 253 between 1000 and 9999.
  6. Two trains having speed _ km/h and _ km/h.If second train reaches destination late by 8 minutes than first one. Due to some technical failure on first train it now reaches destination late by 12 minutes.. find out the distance between the two station?
  7. What is the unit digit of the sum of first 111 whole numbers?
  8. If a cuboid having sides 30×50×40 is divided into 8 equal parts by cutting 3 times.. then find out the total surface area of all the parts
  9. A sphere is put inside a hollow cone having base radius r. Then find out the ratio between the radius of sphere and the hollow cone
  10. If (a+b)/c=7/9 and (b+c)/a=11/5.. the find the value of c

A+B+AB =65 THEN A-B?
In a triangle side AB= 5 Bc =8 Ac =√41 median through A is AD then find area of ABD

Easy Questions : 50
Moderate Questions : 35
Tough Questions : 15

Good attempt 75 Questions with 90% accuracy.

Maths Paper SSC CGL 2017 Tier-2 Marks Distribution Table

SSC CGL 2017 Tier-2
Maths Paper []
No of Questions asked in Exam
DI (Bar Graph)
Profit, Loss & Discount
Time, Speed & Distance
Time & Work
Number System ( HCF-LCM)

SSC CGL 2017 TIER 2 Some Questions from exam:- 

  • Gazzle
  • Tempestous
  • Guzzle
  • Embargo
  • Hound

  • Vista
  • Swindle

Idioms phrases 
  • Give it a wirl
  • weather the storm
  • green willow
  • Study of snakes
  • Reap the whirlwind
  • Wild and woolly
  • Whoop it up
  • with the vengeance
  • Spin your wheels
  • Up against the wall

One word Substitution
  • Military takes over a country
  • Dog lover
  • Too bully too furry
  • Lack of Civic mindedness or of patriotism
  • Preferring or attracted to Sunlight
  • Mutual Discourse
  • Study of snakes
  • Killer of prophet
  • A person who preserves the skin of animals
  • Obsession of wine
  • Killing of Birds
  • One who eats mud

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