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Friday, 9 March 2018

SSC CGL Tier-II ReExam Analysis 2018: 9th March 2018 Questions asked

SSC CGL Tier-II ReExam Analysis 2018: 9th March 2018 Questions asked

Hello Dear,  SSC CGL Tier-II ReExam 9th March 2018, Quantitative Aptitude had tougher question set. Most of the questions were very lengthy or very calculated and time consuming. Questions from trigonometry were very conceptual.  Geometry & Mensuration are the game changer in SSC CGL Tier-II ReExam 9th March 2018.

SSC CGL Tier-II ReExam Analysis 2018: 9th March 2018 Questions asked

SSC CGL Tier-II ReExam 2018: 9th March 2018 Paper Pattern

TopicsNo. Of QuestionsLevel Of Difficulty
1Number System/HCF/LCM9moderate
2 Average2easy-moderate
3Time & Work7-8easy-moderate
4Profit & Loss , Discount11-12easy-moderate
6Time Speed Distance 4-5easy
7Interest (CI & SI)4-5easy-moderate
9Mensuration12-13Difficult (very calculative)
10Height & Distance 3easy
13Mixture & Alligation3-4moderate
Total100 QuestionsModerate-Difficult

There were 1 DI in the Exam, which is very Calculative.

SSC CGL Tier-II ReExam 2018: 9th March 2018 Some questions from exam:

1. Given, x+y+z & x³+ y³ + z³ & x²+y²+z², then find the value of xyz? [Ans: ½]

2. If (a+b)² - 2(a+b)=80 & ab=16 then find 9a-4b=?

3. sin(180-Q)sin(90-Q)- cot(90-Q)/(1+tan²Q)

4. Hemisphere changed into numerous cone.

6. Find the total surface area of all the parts of a Prism which is cut into 10 parts.

7. Cone cut by 3 parallel line.

8. One question from Area of shaded region.

9. 9^9 is divided by how many perfect cube? [options: 4/5/6/7] ans: 7

10. If 6A=3B=4C , Then A:B:C =?

11. 3^14 + 3^13 - 12 is divisible by which greatest prime number?  [options: 11/13/73/79]

12. Compound interest for the second year is 250. Rate of interest is 12%. What will be the interest for the 3rd year only?

13. Two equal circles have radius 10 cm. The length of direct common tangent is 26 cm. Then what is the length of transverse common tangent?

14. Two successive discount 60% is equal to a single discount?

15. A number when increase by 40 become 125% of itself. What is the number?

16. If P+Q+R= 60°, then (cosQ+cosR) (sinP - cosP) - (sinQ + sinR) (cosP-sinP)= ?

17. Find the area of triangle AFE?

18. Find the length of AB?

19. Find the value of CB? If OB=1 & CD=2

20. Find the value of Angle Y?

21. Find the length of Tangent in below circle.

22. Find the area of below circle?

23. Find the value of √( 12345)²+12345+123456= ?

we will update more questions soon...