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SSC CGL 2017 Vacancies are Under-Reported (Official Data)

SSC CGL 2017 Vacancies are Under-Reported (Official Data) 

SSC CGL 2017 CBEC Excise Inspector Vacancy

1) As per SSC Official Website:

Total Vacancy for CBEC Inspector, Central Excise = 1311

2) As per CBIC* Official Website:

Total Vacancy for CBEC Inspector, Central Excise = 1311

Vacancy of Kolkata CX Zone0 (Requisition not received)

3) As per Kolkata CX Official Records, they have intimated 67 vacancies for recruitment through SSC CGL 2017 Examination. 

*CBEC has been renamed CBIC after the introduction of GST.

1) As per SSC Official Website: (1311)

Click here for Official PDF

2) As per CBIC Official Website (1311)

Click Here for Official PDF

3) Vacancy reported for SSC CGL 2017 from Kolkata CX (Official Records)


Now we know the issue that there are some departments which have reported the vacancies but it has not reached  /  to the SSC. But we don't know which vacancies are perfectly updated by SSC and which are lagging. 

  • For this, the Aspirants of SSC CGL 2017 have to take responsibility themselves.

  • They need to collect the information from each and every nodal department regarding the vacancies reported by them and verify the same with SSC Vacancy.

  • The Candidates or Ex-Candidates who are working under any Commissionerate / Ministry / Office may get the vacancy reported, from the Personnel Department. 

  • Others may file RTI to such departments to know the same.

  • Remember, its only YOU who will suffer, for officials this is just a small mistake.

You all understand the chain reaction arising due to nonreporting of vacancies.  

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NB: This post is created to the sake of CGL Aspirants. If there is any objection regarding copyright please contact me [[email protected]].

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