Indian Modern History Handwritten Notes In Hindi PDF Download


Indian Modern History Hand Notes In Hindi PDF Download

Modern History of India Hand Notes in Hindi PDF Download: Hello Friends, if you are preparing for UPSC, you must know that History is an important subject in Hindi and preparation is also very important.

To prepare for Indian History in Hindi pdf, we have shared the handwriting notes to all you competitive candidates. All the content provided in this Handwriting Notes has been prepared according to your competitive exam and this history notes in Hindi pdf Handwriting Notes have been prepared by understanding the questions asked in the last few years and in the upcoming competitive exam. This raj holkar notes is based on the modern history of India notes which is very useful for all one day exams.

Indian Modern History Handwritten Notes PDF is designed to help the preparation of competitive students. If you are also preparing for UPSSC, SSC CGL, SSC MTS, SSC CHSL, Railway RRB NTPC or Railway RRB Group D, CTET / UP TET, UP Police or any other department then this PDF for all of you make your notes. Will not only save your time but will also help in your preparation.

Today, which we are going to give you Modern History of India PDF Notes in Hindi made by Raj Holkar, this PDF History Notes is very popular among the children preparing for IAS PCS i.e. Civil Services. If you still have this PDF If you are unfamiliar with fame, then you can download these notes from below.

Friends, you must download these notes and you can give more importance than other books or notes of history. To download this History of India in Hindi Notes, click the link given below. In this Modern History of India Hand Notes In Hindi, all the facts are written in brief, and at the same time, the place and time are also described, due to which this hand writing note exam for the candidates preparing for the one-day examination. Is very important from the point of view.

Modern History Of India Handwriting Notes PDF : Index

  1. पुर्तगाली
  2. डच
  3. अंग्रेज/ ब्रिटिश
  4. डेन
  5. फ्रांसीसी
  6. अंग्रेज फ्रांसीसी संघर्ष
  7. कर्नाटक का युद्ध: प्रथम द्वितीय तृतीय
  8. मुगल साम्राज्य का पतन
  9. नवीन राज्यों का उत्थान
  10. हैदराबाद
  11. अवध
  12. जाट
  13. पंजाब
  14. मैसूर
  15. बंगाल
  16. मराठा साम्राज्य
  17. ब्रिटिश उपनिवेशवाद के चरण
  18. भू – राजस्व व्यवस्था
  19. 1857 का विद्रोह
  20. सामाजिक एवं धार्मिक सुधार आंदोलन
  21. ब्रह्म समाज
  22. आर्य समाज
  23. प्रार्थना समाज
  24. यंग बंगाल आंदोलन
  25. वेद समाज
  26. अन्य आंदोलन
  27. मुस्लिम धर्म सुधार आंदोलन
  28. कृषक आंदोलन व जनजाति आंदोलन
  29. प्रमुख किसान आंदोलन

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Modern History Hand Notes In Hindi PDF Download :

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